The Jewelry of Ahlene Welsh

Why and How?

Inspired by texture, rhythm, line, and sculptural shapes found in the natural world, I try to capture the essence of places, things, and creatures. My goal is to create pieces which are wearable but unique and interesting, meant to decorate and enhance the wearer, but upon closer inspection to reveal a surprising and sometimes humorous identity.

I enjoy the challenge of a design based on an idea, subject, or a specific stone to be incorporated. These sometimes come from commissions for individuals or may be for exhibits with stated themes. Designs are often inspired by nature or by travels to other parts of the world.

I make many sketches before deciding on a design to refine and produce. Pieces are usually completed as drawn, but sometimes the process helps dictate the design, which might change during construction. All of my work is fabricated of sterling silver, gold, or non-precious metals, often mixing metals, and sometimes incorporating semi-precious stones or beads. All pieces are one of a kind, ranging from simple sculptural shapes and the precision of married metals to organic forms and the accidental textures of fused silver.

This is a retrospective of my work. Most of the pieces are in private collections. For any questions or comments, please contact me at

All Hands

Out of Africa

Life Aquatic

Birds, Bugs, and Other Creatures


Leafy Things

Married Metal




The Art of Orr Marshall - My brother's amazing artwork.

Really Slick - The artwork of my son, Terry Welsh, who built this website.

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